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Battlefield 1

Confirmed Easter Eggs

Marconi Easter Egg

All multiplayer maps, except Giant’s Shadow, contain hidden pairs of headphones that can be brought to a hidden MCOM telegraph station to reveal a secret, individualized Morse code message. These messages send you on a lengthy quest around all multiplayer maps, eventually leading to acquiring special dog tag that “does not belong to you”. This easter egg is still in progress.

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Beacon of Gondor

During the first map of the single-player campaign, Friends In High Places, a series of wooden pyres can be found. If you fire a rocket at the nearest pyre, it will ignite. Eventually all of the distant pyres will ignite themselves one after another. This is most likely a reference to Lord of the Rings.

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Double Rainbow

On the maps St. Quentin Scar and Ballroom Blitz, double rainbows can be seen after it rains. This is likely a reference to the famous “Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow” video.

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Teddy Bear Crates

Teddy Bears appear in random wooden boxes spread in the single player and multiplayer maps. As soon as you’ll destroy the right box, many Teddy Bears will come out of it.

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The Dreadnought ship has a horn that sounds pretty close to the theme from the film Jaws.

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Battlefield Theme on Rush MCOM

When calling for artillery with an MCOM station during the Rush mode, there is a random chance that you will hear the Battlefield theme played with morse code sound effects.

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Secret Reloads

Double Barrel Shotgun Secret Reload

When reloading the Double Barrel shotgun in Battlefield 1 there is a rare chance of seeing a secret reload animation, which is very similar to the one seen in DOOM for the same weapon.

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Autoloading 8.35 Secret Reload


Russian 1895 Cavalry Secret Reload



Items of Interest/Theories

‘Pigpen’ Painting

Several maps contain a painting which features a small ‘X’ shaped illustration surrounded by 4 pairs of letters.

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Oil Can

Scattered heavily across various maps in Battlefield 1, are these oil cans.For a majority of these oil cans, if you shoot at them, a white cross will suddenly appear on them.

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Online Phantom Dog Tag

A dog tag titled “Online Phantom Dog Tag” can be acquired if you login to your Origin account at The tag shows an image of a skull wearing a WW1-era helmet while looking through binoculars.

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Within the game’s files, there is a game mode called “TheDiceMachine" associated with ‘headphones’. It is not known what this connection is, but it seems to be related to the Marconi Easter Egg.

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Unidentified Floating Orbs

During the third mission of the Through Mud and Blood campaign several bright white orbs appear floating in the sky when the alarm is sounded to your presence.

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Zombie door

On the map Fort De Vaux, included in the ‘They Shall Not Pass’ DLC, a door marked ‘isolement’ from which can be heard different zombie sound clips.




Single player