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Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs
Phantom Program
Phase 1 Phantom Prospect - First phase of the Phantom Program, which unlocks the Phantom dog tag
Phase 2 Phantom Trainee - Second phase of the Phantom Program, which unlocks the Phantom gun paint
Phase 3 Phantom Initiate - Third phase of the Phantom Program, which unlocks Phantom camouflages for soldiers
Phase 4 Phantom Operative - Fourth phase of the Phantom Program, which unlocks the Phantom Operative dog tag
Phantom Room The room where you unlock the Phantom bow and the Phantom Operative assignment
Miscellaneous - Major
DICE LA Camo An elaborate Easter egg on Dragons Valley 2015 which unlocks the DICE LA camouflage
Yeti Scream Yeti scream when shooting to the mountains on Golmud Railway
Exploding Ship An exploding ship on Hainan Resort when shooting a window with the pick-up sniper
Dinosaur Roar On Rogue Transmission, a dinosaur audio Easter egg can be triggered when pressing two buttons simultaneously
Miscellaneous - Minor
Dinosaur & Rubber Duck Toys You can find Rubber Toys of Ducks and Dinosaur on Pearl Market
Battlefield Theme Tune Radio A radio on Lumphini Garden can be found that plays the Battlefield 2 Theme
Mini Battle Walker In Giants of Karelia can a mini L5 Riesig be found
Plants vs. Zombies The plant from Plants vs. Zombies can be found on Dawnbreaker
Visceral EA On many Boxes is Visceral EA as shipping address printed
Easter Egg Basket On Floodzone you can find real Easter Eggs in a basket
Battlefield Frostbite 2 Bottles In the Shanghai towers bar you can see the Frostbite 2 Engine logo on bottles
Rare Reload Animations
Mare's Leg Spinning re-chamber animations with the Mare's Leg sidearm
Unica 6 Reload A rare reload animation with the Unica 6
Battlefield Friends yet to be added
Mirror's Edge yet to be added
Frostbite 2 Bottles yet to be added
Community Test Enviroment (CTE)
Paracel Storm Megalodon On Paracel storm, a Megalodon will emit from the water when triggered