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Battlefield Hardline Easter Eggs
Miscellaneous - Major
Battlefield Friends
Mammoth Gun
Syndicate Gun
Miscellaneous - Minor
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Rare Reload Animations
0.410 Jury Spinning reload animation in which the player throws rounds into his gun
Bald Eagle Reload animation involving a disappearing weapon
RPG-7V2 Character throws the Rocket and catches it in the RPG
M16A3 Why change the mag when you can change the gun?
RO933 An arm comes out from the side of the screen offering the character another mag
93R A "pump" reload that is faster than the original reload
AKM Dead Space reference - character uses the force to load mag
Dead Island Game In Episode 7: Glass Houses, an enemy character can be seen playing Dead Space on a TV in one of the rooms in the house
Lightspeed Boy A small reference to a Lightspeed Boy statue which can be found in Dead Space
Marker Statue Marker Statues can be found throughout Hardline's maps, which are a reference to the alien markers in the Dead Space games
Community Test Enviroment (CTE)
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