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Marconi Easter Egg Stage 1

This article is up to date as of the Feb 14, 2017 “Winter Update” Summary The Marconi Easter Egg is exclusive to Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps. It involves collecting hidden pairs of headphones, delivering them to secret MCOM telegraph stations, listening to Morse Code transmissions, deciphering them, then acting upon the deciphered message. NOTE: If you are… read more »

Battlefield 3 T-Shirt

Overview A Battlefield 3 T-Shirt can be found in the Battlefield 4 multiplayer map Operation Locker. add screenshot

Exploding Ship

Overview In the Battlefield 4 multiplayer map Hainan Resort a split-apart shipwreck can be found. When shooting a glint on it (that can be seen from the top of the hotel) with the M82A3 battle pick-up, the ship will blow up in a big explosion. Audio files of a chinese and a russian soldier talking about “oil… read more »

Yeti Scream

Overview Golmud Railway If you stand near a rock in the Battlefield 4 multiplayer map Golmud Railway and look at the mountains, you will see a small glint. If you fire a rocket with the FGM-172 SRAW to the glint, you’ll hear the sound of a yeti screaming. Also, on a blackboard in the school of the… read more »

Plant Vs Zombies Peashooter

Overview On the Battlefield 4 multiplayer map Dawnbreaker you can find a small replica of the Plant Vs Zombies character “Peashooter”.   add screenshot


Summary The Dreadnought ship has a horn that sounds pretty close to the theme from the film Jaws.     Related Links Jaws Theme Song  

Battlefield Theme on Rush MCOM

Summary When calling for artillery with an MCOM station during Rush, there is a random chance that you will hear the Battlefield theme played with Morse code sound effects.     Related Links Battlefield 1942 Theme  

Oil Can

Summary Scattered heavily across various maps in Battlefield 1, are these oil cans. For a majority of these oil cans, if you shoot at them, a white cross will suddenly appear on them. The most likely scenario is that a developer at DICE changed the texture of the oil can to not have the white… read more »