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DOOM Double Barrel Shotgun Secret Reload

Summary When reloading the Double Barrel shotgun in Battlefield 1, there is a rare chance of seeing a secret reload animation, which is very similar to the one seen in DOOM for the same weapon.   Credit: Katanaaaa

Yeti Easter Egg

Credits to szu1985 for finding it first. This BF4 Easter Egg lets you hear a loud Yeti Scream on Golmud Railway:   Go to the Golmud Railway map and find this rock on Russian spawn side:   2. Go around it and step into the shadow:   3. Turn around and watch the mountains in your back… read more »

Phantom Program Phase 4

Phantom Program Phase 4 was the longest phase of the Phantom Program in Battlefield 4, and was the first easter egg to have its own, dedicated room. The easter egg was first found when a hidden Phantom Room was found under the map on Hangar 21, this room contained the Phantom Bow   The easter… read more »

Neebs Campers Easter Egg

You don’t like campers, I don’t like campers, Engineer doesn’t like campers, Medic doesn’t like campers, and even Neebs doesn’t like campers. Surprisingly though, Recon doesn’t like campers either, although he does camp, right? Neebs expresses his dislike for campers with strong, and terrible puns! All in one sentence 😀  

Neebs Precinct 7 Job

On the Precinct 7 map, you can hear Neebs and the gang behind a door talking about a job they are doing  

Ghostly Fireplace

This was a small nod to the Syndicate easter egg in Battlefield Hardline. A fireplace had the “syndicate logo” hidden behind it. It was called ghostly, as fire would instantaneously erupt in the fireplace, as well as a ghostly sound appearing, and then the fire would shortly go out  

The Mammoth Gun

This was part of the Syndicate easter egg in Battlefield Hardline. The Mammoth Gun was hidden in a small room on Chinatown that could be accessed by pressing a button behind a counter in the room it was hidden in. Although, the gun was hidden behind a glass shelf. There were little elephant skulls that… read more »

The Syndicate Gun

This was an easter egg that was procedually added in Battlefield Hardline in the last DLC. There were hints towards it in all of the dlcs, where a symbol was found somewhere on each map. Later, new weapons were added that had these symbols on them. These weapons tied in to complete the Syndicate, and… read more »

Rare Reloads

There were multiple rare reload animations found during the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta, these animations, although, were rare, and only had a small chance to be seen. They are as follows Bald Eagle – Magically disappears, and then reappears fully loaded 410 Jury – Has a cool reload where the gun is spinning, and the… read more »