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Friends In High Places


The allies are losing the war in the air. Britain struggles to compete with the German aces and the average lifetime of a combat pilot is 17 days. You must face these bleak odds and take to the skies for a noble fight over the western front. Intense dogfights, unexpected encounters, and a story of friendship await you.


Test Flight

Beacon of Gondor

Total War

Helmet On a Rifle

A German soldierĀ can be seen placing a helmet on his rifle, then raising it above the trench only to have it shot off by an opposing sniper. This was an actual technique used during the war.

Credit: Gamers Ahoy

Drunken Soldier

When making your way through the trenches you can eventually stumble upon a drunken German soldier who will stumble around and eventually pass out.

Credit: Gamers Ahoy

Fall From Grace

Forte Et Fidele