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Anagram – a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word.

ARG – Alternate Reality Game, a type of game that transcends its original medium. For example, some EEs may require players to exit the game and visit a website setup by the developers.

Audacity – a freely available audio editing program.

BB – Ballroom Blitz, a multiplayer map in Battlefield 1.

BFBattlefield, a war-themed video game series created by DICE.

BFFBattlefield Friends, a fan-made animated video series which has been referenced in Battlefield EEs.

Brute Force – a guess-and-check method of decryption, typically used when no cipher keys have been discovered.

Camo – camouflage, an alteration to a soldier’s appearance. Special variants have been used as rewards in Battlefield EEs. Wearing the Phantom camo while performing special actions was a requirement of the Phantom Bow EE in Battlefield 4.

Cipher – a method of disguising a message in a way that requires decryption to understand.

Ciphertext – the encrypted form of a message.

Coords – coordinates, typically referring to the technical XYZ position of objects within a game.

Cryptology – the study of coded messages.

CTE – Community Test Environment, a special test build of Battlefield games used to test features before they go live to the whole community.

Datamine – to forcibly browse through the code of a computer program.

Decipher / Decrypt / Decode – to reduce ciphertext to plaintext.

DICE – the developers behind the Battlefield series, divided between DICE Los Angeles and DICE Stockholm.

“dice pls” – an expression of frustration towards DICE.

Dinosaurs – an inside joke within the Battlefield community.

Discord – a text and voice communication program often used for collaboration.

DLC – Downloadable Content, optional game content that can extend the features of the original game. EEs have been known to be contained within a single DLC.

Dog Tag – an item rewarded to players for performing specific tasks. Equipping special tags have been known to trigger events within maps.

EE – Easter Egg, a generic term for special content hidden within a video game. EEs can be as simple as a humorous reference to another video game, or as complex as an entire meta-game with its own set of goals and conventions.

Empire – Empire’s Edge, a multiplayer map in Battlefield 1.

Encipher / Encrypt / Encode – to apply a cipher to plaintext, resulting in ciphertext.

Fao – Fao Fortress, a multiplayer map in Battlefield 1.

Frequency Analysis – a method of decryption that involves identifying patterns within ciphertext

Grappa – Monte Grappa, a multiplayer map in Battlefield 1.

HP – Headphones, HPs are collectible items that can be found hidden around several Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps.

Imgur – an image hosting website often used to quickly share an image with someone on the internet.

Jack / Jackfrags – a UK-based youtuber known for his video coverage of Battlefield EEs.

Jesus Toast – a term used in EE hunting to describe meaningless visual patterns found in something. These patterns are usually the result of symmetrically mirrored textures, or prolonged exposure to grungy environments.

JJJU – Julian Manolov, an engineer at DICE LA behind several Battlefield 4 EEs, and has been known to use his Twitter account to give cryptic EE clues to players.

Key / Cipher Key – a set of characters required by some ciphers to encrypt and decrypt a message. A key is typically the most sought after information in cryptology, because it allows someone to perfectly decrypt encrypted messages.

Keypad – a grid of interactable numbered buttons, a very common component of Battlefield 4 EEs.

M-COM – Military Communications, reoccurring gameplay elements within the Battlefield series. In context to Battlefield 1 EEs, MCOMs appear as telegraph terminals that can be found hidden around several multiplayer maps. Given special conditions, they may be heard emitting messages in Morse Code.

Megalodon – an enormous shark that served as the resolution to one of the most visually spectacular EEs in Battlefield history.

Morse – Morse Code, Morse is a real-world form of communication that consists of dots and dashes. It can be communicated through sound or light. Within the Battlefield seriesMorse Code has played a reoccurring role regarding EE content.

Ovaltine / “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine” – a famous scene from the film A Christmas Story where the protagonist successfully deciphers a coded message, only to be disappointed with the results.

Phantom Program – a fictional organization within Battlefield lore, typically associated with Battlefield 4‘s EEs. PP is often represented by a skull, which can be seen printed on their camouflage and dog tag.

Pigpen – a type of cipher that uses illustrations in place of letters. Pigpen keys often take ‘x’ and ‘#’ forms.

Plaintext – the decrypted, human-readable form of a message.

PP – Phantom Program

Room 40 – a real-world British organization known for their decryption abilities during WW1.

Scar / SQ Scar – St. Quentin Scar, a multiplayer map in Battlefield 1.

UFO – Unidentified Flying Object, any unexplained objects floating in the air. Several EEs in Battlefield 4 contained orbs of light suspended in the air that needed to be shot to trigger an event.

White Box – a tiny white box containing a special dog tag, an infamously difficult segment of the Phantom Bow EE in Battlefield 4.

WW1 – World War 1, the real-world setting of Battlefield 1.

Zimmerman Note – A real-world encrypted telegram sent by Germany during WW1.