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The Feb 14, 2017 “Winter Update” has rendered this article invalid.

Please continue to the Marconi Easter Egg article for the most up to date information.



Battlefield 1 Morse codes updates can be found here:


Article is current as of the Nov 15, 2016 “Fall Update”

Status: Active
Discovered: 2016-10-21

Several pairs of headphones were discovered hidden around most of the multiplayer maps. They’re indestructible, and appear on every server. It’s estimated that there are 5 headphone spawns per map, although not all have been found. Only one HP will spawn per map cycle, so discovering their location is quite difficult. The headphones can be picked up by the player, followed by the ‘ammo pickup’ sound effect. When approaching a special MCOM station, while wearing the headphones, the player will hear a buzzing radio sound followed by a short Morse Code transmission of "previous message corrupted, await further instructions". The MCOM will then explode, rendering all Headphone EE content inaccessible for the remainder of the map.


This EE is present in all game modes except for Rush. MCOMs and HP will not spawn on this mode.

It’s worth noting that modes that do support this EE may enforce boundaries that prevent you from reaching HPs or MCOMs. It is still possible to interact with these items if you’re fast enough.


A player can wear only one pair of headphones at a time, and only the player wearing them will be able to hear the Morse code. If a player wearing the headphones is killed, the headphones are dropped, and will not respawn. The spawn pattern has been observed to cycle through 1 of 5 locations. Upon joining an empty server, it will take 5-10 minutes for the first one to appear.


Headphone spawn locations seem to have been hand placed by a level designer, meaning there are patterns that can be found in their placement. Keep these things in mind when hunting for ones presumed to be missing.


HPs are rarely sitting alone out in plain sight. They’re usually placed among a cluster of props like crates, rocks, and barrels.


They are usually tucked against walls and corners out of your normal walking path. It’s unlikely a player would walk over one unintentionally.


No currently known HP locations require much effort to pickup. They’re at ground level, and can easily be walked over.


There are no known cases of HP spawn locations on top of moving or destructible floors.

Even Distribution

When looking at maps of spawn locations, you’ll notice that they’re pretty evenly distributed through out the map. You won’t be able to see 2 HPs at the same time. However, there are a few cases where an HP will be found very close to an MCOM.

MCOM and Morse Code


When a player has collected an HP, the MCOM will emit a buzzing sound that can be heard by all players. However, only the player possessing an HP will be able to hear a Morse Code message. Following this message, the station will explode, rendering all Headphone EE content inactive.


Based on observation, and several datamining attempts, it was determined that the Morse Code is generated programmatically rather than by prerecording. This means that phrases emitted from the device can not simply be extracted from the game and listened to. Game code is telling the audio what series of characters to play.

All of the audio samples used to produce the Morse Code have been extracted and listened to individually. The game refers to them as ‘short’s and ‘long’s. There was an intentional effort put towards making transmissions sound imperfect by randomly choosing among a pool of varied samples.


  • The script causing the Morse Code message to emit, and the script causing the station to self-destruct appear to be in conflict. The result is that some players will observe the station exploding without ever hearing a complete message, while others can sit and listen to the looping message indefinitely without explosion.

Related Maps

NOTE: Since the Fall Update on Nov. 15, 2016, many of the headphone locations were changed, so the locations listed here may no longer be accurate!


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NOTE: Since the Fall Update on Nov. 15, 2016, many of the headphone locations were changed, so the locations listed here may no longer be accurate!

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TheRadGamerDan – new MCOM behavior



Due to this EE’s tendency to be modified during game-wide updates, previous iterations are described below…

Oct 21, 2016 – Nov 15, 2016

Following BF1’s launch, there was an estimated 5 pairs of headphone spawn locations present on every map except for Ballroom Blitz. Collecting one of these headphones and bringing it to the secret MCOM location would indefinitely deliver what is now known as “corrupted” morse code. No meaning was derived from this code, and is generally now disregarded by the community.

the_monotonist – example HP retrieval

Nov 15, 2016 – ???

The “Fall Update” introduced headphones and an MCOM to Ballroom Blitz. Several headphone spawns were modified slightly, and new MCOM functionality was introduced. The MCOM will now repeat the same plain English message to everyone, informing players that previous messages were “corrupted” and that they should “await further instructions”. A number of unavoidable conditions will then cause the MCOM to explode, rendering it useless and preventing any more headphones from spawning during the rest of the map. Headphone spawn behavior was also changed so that only 1 HP will spawn per map cycle. Dying with one will no longer cause another one to appear shortly after.

TheRadGamerDan – new MCOM behavior