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Phantom Program Phase 4

Phantom Program Phase 4 was the longest phase of the Phantom Program in Battlefield 4, and was the first easter egg to have its own, dedicated room. The easter egg was first found when a hidden Phantom Room was found under the map on Hangar 21, this room contained the Phantom Bow


The easter egg official started with all four of the new Phantom Dog Tags needing to be found. These proved quite a challenge to find, as they were small boxes, hidden around on each of the four maps in the Final Stand DLC

After these dog tags were found, it was found that four people were needed for the easter egg, and each person was required to wear a different dogtag. This allowed the elevator in Hangar 21 to become activated, and allow users to travel down it. If a user was not wearing a phantom dogtag, or any phantom gear from the previous phases, they would be killed within the elevator

After the phantom room was entered, there was a small keypad on the wall. Nobody knew the sequence for the keypad at the time. Some users found that there was morse code hidden around the maps at different objects. When the morse code was decoded, it gave out numbers, which seemed random at the time

These numbers were later found out to be a part of the combination passcode that would unlock the phantom room. This allowed users to open the phantom room, go in, and collect their prize. A fifth phantom dogtag, and the phantom bow