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Step by Step guide for getting the ‘A Beginning’ Dogtag

Preparations, What you will need for step one of the Battlefield 1 Easter Egg to get the Dogtag

1) Copy of Battlefield 1 (duh)

2) A PC, or if you don’t have one, a friend who has a PC and willing to help you out

3) Knowledge on how to record ingame clips
3.1) PC: OBSĀ
3.2) Xbox 1:
3.3) PS4:

4) This audio editing and viewing software:

5) These websites at hand:

How to start

1) Launch Battlefield 1, go to the server browser and look for empty Ballroom Blitz Conquest servers

2) Join the US American team and preferably spawn as cavalry class to move faster across the map

3) Go to the Ballroom Blitz page on and analyze the map,
to familiarize it a little it’s suggested to go and see the MCOM in the upper right corner of the map.

4) Now you have to find a pair of headphones, there are five possible locations but it’s randomized where one spawns.
So you have a 20% chance to find it on any of the locations listed on

5) The headphones are listed with large pictures to point out where they are, once you found one, simply run over one
and you will hear a sound similar to picking up Ammunition.